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Category Archives: Health & Fitness

    It’s been a weird time and for the most part it still is. It feels like we are all children again being told what we can and what we cannot do. “You can go to the hairdressers or barbers but you need to wait until a specific date” You can go the pub but you must sign in...
SECOND ONLINE 50/50 DRAW The second monthly 50/50 draw has seen healthy sales in the first week with over 500 tickets already sold. The draw will be live on our twitter feed on Wednesday 6 May at 7.45pm so make sure you buy your tickets in good time. You can buy as many tickets as you like and remember...
  SECOND ONLINE 50/50 DRAW Following the great success of our first draw, which raised £558 for the Club, and £279 for the local East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals’ Charity, we have commenced our second monthly 50/50 draw and sales are already progressing well. The draw will...

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