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Health & Fitness during Uncertain Times

Health & Fitness during Uncertain Times



It’s been a weird time and for the most part it still is. It feels like we are all children again being told what we can and what we cannot do. “You can go to the hairdressers or barbers but you need to wait until a specific date” You can go the pub but you must sign in and provide your contact number first.”

We are a resilient bunch. We are resourceful and find ways around problems. For myself, being a Personal Trainer I have had to adapt and learn new ways to provide my services to clients. This means using video conference technology, namely Zoom to do my 121 sessions instead and without any of the usual gym equipment, so all bodyweight exercises.

At the beginning, I and my clients struggled a bit, as is often the case with something new but as we near the end I am happy to say that it has been a brilliant experience for myself and my Clients who participated. I am all about learning new skills and taking the opportunity to do so despite how bad the last 4 months has been.

You too can easily find ways to adapt if you are not yet comfortable going back to your gym routine or usual exercises. If you enjoy fitness classes have a think about the exercises your instructor does and write them down; there is also a wealth of information online you could check out youtube to add to your workouts if you are unsure. It doesn’t have to be complicated maybe list them on a piece of paper, so it could be: squats, lunges, and squat jumps and so on.

When you have a list of around 6-8 exercises start building a workout. It could be simple as 1 minute per exercise which gives you 8 minutes and maybe do that 2/3 times. Or try a range of repetitions 10– 15 per exercise. The thing here is to be creative try the simple approach first time then think of ways of making it slightly more challenging or even maybe try it backwards or do the exercises with a higher number of repetitions. Its quick and easy to make it easier or more difficult.

This method can be applied to many goals or several different ways of exercising. If you like training with weights and have some available to you, many of the exercises and movements you are used to doing can be replicated at home, in the garden or a local park with a little planning. If you don’t have access try using household items as weights, such as canned foods, bottled water or any containers you can add water, soil, rocks or sand into. Have a rummage around your house, shed or even your loft!

Write out a new plan each time and increase the difficulty. It’s a great idea to do this and record the results so you have a paper record of your progress as well as seeing the changes you are making physically. Stick with it and don’t give up! Push yourself to finish it should be hard at times and this is how we make progress, get fitter stronger and lose weight.

Most of all enjoy it!

by Chris Mann Personal Trainer PureGym Hitchin


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