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5 Tips to Help Make Moving House Less Stressful

5 Tips to Help Make Moving House Less Stressful

| by Leysbrook | Posted in Hitchin Lifestyle, Hitchin Home & Garden

Everybody knows that moving house is one of the most stressful events you can undergo in your life, and whether you’re moving into your very first flat, or you’re moving home thanks to climbing the property ladder, it really doesn’t get easier! To help make things run a little more smoothly, here are our top 5 tips to help make moving house a little bit less stressful for everyone involved.

Keep the stuff you will use first separate
There’s nothing worse than moving boxes all day, only to find that you have no idea where the kettle is, or wanting to go to bed after a long day of sorting items only to find your toothbrush is at the bottom of a box which is buried under ten more boxes. So why not give yourself a boost and pack all of your essential items (basically anything you might need in the first 24 hours after moving) into a single clear box so you can find it quickly and easily?

Label your boxes
This might seem like a bit of an obvious choice, but you wouldn’t believe how many people pack up all of their belongings and end up forgetting to write what’s in the box on the outside! If you’re feeling very organised, it’s also extremely helpful to write what room the box will be going into as well, to help make sorting a whole lot easier when you reach your new place.

Sandwich bags are your new best friend
Not just good for packing your lunch in to give you some much needed energy when your new kitchen isn’t set up for cooking yet, sandwich bags are also ideal for holding little fiddly items like screws and nails, batteries or anything that you take apart when moving. If you’re taking apart a piece of furniture, be sure to attach the sandwich bag to it with tape, with any loose parts inside.

Take a photo of any complicated electronics before you disconnect all of their wires
If you do nothing else on this list, please, please, please do this! It’s so easy, and will save you hours of agony when you try to connect everything back up. Simply take a photograph on your phone of how all the wires connect into your TV, DVD player, or streaming box and try and match it up when it’s in your new home.

There’s no need to pack all of your clothes into boxes
The easiest way to pack up your wardrobe is to simply gather all of your hanging clothes (or a section of them, if you have loads of clothes) and place them in a bin bag while they are still hanging up. Then take a tie, or even an elastic band and tie it around the tops of the hangers for transportation. This means you can simply hang the clothes up and remove the bin bag when you get to your new house, rather than taking the time to take each piece down individually and hang it all up again.


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